Families, Couples and Individual Portraits

If you would like to create a snapshot of your life with your loved ones – your partner, family or your friends – we can provide you with stunning images sure to capture the bond between you. We offer two styles of shoot: studio portraits or lifestyle shoots.

The studio option offers a clean, contemporary aesthetic, in an environment with carefully controlled lighting for high quality results. We have a choice of both black and white backdrops depending on your preference. These indoor shoots take away the stress of traveling to a studio with your family, as we come to you, and they are not dependent on the British weather! All we require is at least four metres squared of floor space and a power supply.

Lifestyle shoots are very different in that they are nearly always outdoors, in a location of your choice. This could be anything from a favourite walk to a location of special significance to you. We love shooting out on location to capture character and personality, and are not afraid to pull on some wellies and get stuck in! This style of working tends to be more spontaneous and innovative, as we respond to things we encounter during our time with you.

Whichever you choose, we will do our best to make you feel at ease with us and our cameras, and keep the photoshoot light-hearted. This enables us to capture natural, relaxed expressions and interactions. If by any chance your children decide not to cooperate on the day of the shoot, we will happily reschedule at no extra cost.


Family Portrait Photoshoot in the woods with a lovely family - in Ashford KentCarly and Family
Boonthida and Adam-9Boonthida and Adam
Julie and Keith-1Julie and Keith

Carina Meakins
Maureen and James