If you have a horse or a pony, you will almost certainly spend a great amount of your time out at the yard working hard to care for them, in all weathers. To capture your dedication and the bond between you we offer tailor-made portraits shoots of you and your equine friend(s).

As with all of our portrait shoots, we offer you complete freedom of location. We love to come out to meet you on a favourite hack, in a particularly pretty paddock, or even on the beach. If you are not sure where you would like the shoot held, we are bursting with ideas about stunning locations which may only be a short ride or box away.

A typical equine shoot will include formal head shots of the horse, shots of you on the ground interacting with your horse, and some riding photographs (of any nature – jumping, flat work or hacking). We will endeavour to capture their unique personalities and behaviours, all the while ensuring that they look their very best.

Nearly a decade’s experience of owning horses means that we have the knowledge to create a priceless keepsake, which you can treasure forever. It also means that we know how easily a blustery day or an ill-timed tractor passing by can lead to a stressed out, spooky horse. If for any reason your horse is uncomfortable on the day of the shoot, we will always offer to re-schedule at no extra cost.