Lily and Lucinda

Here’s a small selection of images from this wonderful evening shoot on the beach! Lucinda is a beautiful coloured pony, ridden by Lily, a Newmarket-based jockey. It therefore seemed appropriate to capture some action shots of them sending the sand flying!

Despite the sand being soft, when galloped upon it sounded like Lily was riding on concrete, and this quickly got the attention of tourists and the locals. Despite having an encounter with an overly-friendly dog trying to keep up with Lucinda, it was an amazing shoot and good fun. Lily brought along a cohort of friends and family who enjoyed watching us work while eating fish and chips 🙂

Lily riding her pony Lucinda on the beach

equine portrait photography kent

equine beach photography kent

Gallop at the beach for an equine photoshoot in Kent

Equine portrait photography kent - Lily riding Lucinda at the beach

Lily riding Lucinda at kent beach


equine beach portrait photography