Langtons House

We had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful couple earlier this month. After a very touching ceremony in a nearby church, the wedding party moved onto Langtons House for the wedding breakfast and celebrations. Located right next to a river, and with a very imposing building as the focal point in the grounds, there were plenty of opportunities to get some wonderful shots.

I managed to get a shot of the boys having a cheeky drink (or three) in a bar near the church before the ceremony…


Then the girls turned up at the church looking extremely beautiful. Possibly the most elegant dismount from a wedding car in history!



Thankfully this couple were more than happy to sneak out in the evening and go for a little walk with me and my camera. The light was low and warm, and these two were a pleasure to photograph – very laid back, and they didn’t need telling twice to snuggle up close!




The river made a wonderful backdrop, especially with the twinkly hints of the sun setting behind the willow tree…


langton-house-wedding-photography 2