Last July I photographed the wedding of two of the loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet ( I was therefore extremely touched and honoured to photograph their absolutely beautiful new arrival just over a year on – the lovely little Lyla.

The sight of the two of them cuddled around their tiny little bundle was quite emotional, and I felt overwhelmed to be able to meet and photograph her at just 4 days old. Lyla was an exceptionally quiet and peaceful subject to work with, quite happy to doze and be admired. She had an amazing doll-like little face, almost too perfect to be real – it’s easy to see why her parents’ eyes were sparkling with pride. I couldn’t be happier for this gorgeous little family, and wish them all the best going forward with this new stage in their lives.

Lyla Alice Knight-7

Lyla Alice Knight-11

Lyla Alice Knight-12

Lyla Alice Knight-21

Lyla Alice Knight-29

Lyla Alice Knight-55

Lyla Alice Knight-65

Lyla Alice Knight-68

Lyla Alice Knight-83

Lyla Alice Knight-98

Lyla Alice Knight-43

Lyla Alice Knight-45